Exam Proctoring

Need a test proctored?  Call the Bolivar Library at 417-326-4531 and or email proctoring@polkcolibrary.org

The Library provides proctoring services free of charge.


The Library will proctor examinations for individuals, subject to the availability of authorized staff and resources.  Examinations must occur during the hours the Library is open to the public.  Examination times are scheduled by the student with an authorized proctor in coordination with Library staff.

It is the responsibility of the student taking the examination to ensure that all requirements for the examination can be met and that the examination is received by the Library before the scheduled examination time.

Subject to availability, a quiet room will be provided where the student may take the examination.  The Library does not guarantee that the students will be under continuous observation during the examination.

Cost of mailing an exam back to an instructor, as well as any print cost of materials is the responsibility of the student